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According to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (2011), it is critical that math curricula include instructional technology such as mathematical software, applications, and web-based resources for enhanced mathematical reasoning, problem solving, and communication.  Creating a solid foundation in mathematical skills is vital for understanding higher-order concepts that are introduced as the school year progresses. Utilizing multimedia enhances learning outcomes and powerfully reinforces classroom instruction.

A blended learning approach for mathematics courses is effective in enhancing student learning outcomes. There are several options to choose from when selecting a math learning management system. Below you will find a list of the best math LMS options for your school.

DreamBox Learning

  • DreamBox learning is a software company that supports mathematics instruction that complies with common core state standards (Davis, 2013).
  • DreamBox’s adaptive learning technology enables individualized student learning paths so mathematics activities correlate with individualized student competencies (Davis, 2013).
  • DreamBox’s gamification features motivate students to progress through K-8 math learning management system courses (Davis, 2013).
  • DreamBox’s AssignFocus enables math teachers to create assignments based on real-time student data (Davis, 2013).


  • Moodle’s learning platform supports math instruction with its powerful multimedia integrations.  Teachers can customize explainer text, images, and graphics to thoroughly demonstrate complex math problems (Lin, Tseng, & Chiang, 2016).
  • Lin, Tseng, and Chiang (2016) found that the inclusion of Moodle’s math LMS in a blended learning environment strengthened student attitudes toward math, and thus, strengthened learning outcomes.
  • Moodle’s online learning platform allows students to construct knowledge with their peers via discussion forums (Lin, Tseng, & Chiang, 2016).
  • Moodle’s math LMS also supports the inclusion of suggestions for other web resources that can supplement student self-study (Lin, Tseng, & Chiang, 2016).


  • Schoology’s LMS for math learning management system courses supports the uploading of original videos by the course instructor. Course instructors can easily create their own videos which combine lecture and PowerPoint demonstrations, and track student progress (Peterson, 2016).
  • Schoology also supports forced module sequencing so students cannot skip ahead and must follow math lessons in the order with which teachers have previously defined (Peterson, 2016).
  • Schoology supports formative assessments that hold students accountable for being active listeners and learners when viewing the instructional videos of the mathematics course (Peterson, 2016).


  • CertCentral is the best lms for a math course due to its easy-to-use interface for students and instructors. Easily create an online course with CertCentral SaaS platform.  Drag and drop PowerPoint presentations, infographics, images, and original videos and videos from major video sharing platforms (such as Vimeo or YouTube) directly into your comprehensive math course. In minutes, design your course on CertCentral’s math LMS that matches your school’s curriculum requirements and deliver your program to students who can access your course on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.
  • CertCentral makes it easier than ever for you to track student progress in real-time via the results tab.  CertCentral requires no training for teachers, making it the best lms for math teachers. Teachers can easily define students in need of more resources, and deliver helpful learning aids seamlessly through this online course platform to get those students on track with the rest of their classmates.
  • Create questions after each module to ensure student comprehension of math topics.
  • Students will automatically receive custom completion certificates when they pass your course delivered through CertCentral’s math LMS.  These certificates serve as positive reinforcers for academic achievement in challenging math topics.